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college image 1Inside this collection you will be able to follow the referees and umpires who call the shots on campuses around the world.

Sports officials who advance to the professional levels usually do a stint at the college and university levels before they hit the big leagues. This is a crucial development step on the path of a successful career as an umpire or a referee, and like the players on the field, these people are working hard to achieve the dream.

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College and university sports are amazing to watch as the stars of tomorrow begin to make their mark on the world.College image 2 The excitement and enthusiasm is infectious and the atmosphere is electric. Referees and umpires have a tough job containing and maintaining all that spirit but they love every minute of it.

It is a fascinating level to watch, no matter what your favourite sports are. Anyone you see in this collection could be a star tomorrow. Referees and umpires at this level are amazing athletes with dreams of Olympic Games, World Cups, Superbowls and World Series appearances. Many of them will make it to the big stage. This may be where you see these officials first, but it certainly won’t be the last you see of many of them.

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