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FIBA image 1Welcome to our FIBA Basketball Referee Resources and Collection for international basketball referees. Founded in Geneva, in 1932, FIBA was originally known as Federation Internationale de Basket-ball Amateur. In 1989 they dropped the word ‘amateur’ but kept the ‘A’. The federation represents 215 national associations in 5 regions, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceana.

FIBA is the international ruling body for the sport of basketball, therefore this is where FIBA image 2leagues and associations around the world get their rules, regulations and statutes. There are hundreds of thousands of basketball referees within the FIBA umbrella who are responsible for such international events as the Olympics and the World Cup tournaments that are held every 4 years.

FIBA image 3The Collection is loaded with links to contacts, assignments, personalities and current news posts. The quick links below  get you to the important FIBA information that referees need to have.

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FIBA Links

FIBA Website 
FIBA Twitter
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Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules – Basic Rules – FIBA
Basketball Rules
The Rules of Basketball – FIBA
Basketball Rules – 
FIBA Documents Library – All Rules and Regulations

FIBA Basketball Referee Hand Signals

FIBA Basketball Referee Hand Signals pdf

 More Great FIBA Links 

FIBA Hall of Fame 

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