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Athletics image 2The Athletics Resources and Collection page for referees and umpires contains links to contacts, news and training in sports like track and field, gymnastics and intramurals. Find contacts, news, and personalities in your favourite events.

A track and field meet, at any level, whether it be a huge international time trial event, or a high school grudge meet, requires dozens of timers, judges and decision makers. The pressure is high as times are measured down to the smallest increments possible. Dreams are made and broken by millimeters in the blink of an eye. Some of these athletes have Olympic goals and every measurement is a crucial addition to their records. The officials must be trained, prepared and focussed to get every decision correct.

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Athletics Associations

Athletics Associations – Olympics Website 
Athletics Associations – Olympics Twitter 
Athletics AssociationsIAAF Website Inter’l Association of Athletics Federations

Athletics Rules

Athletics Rules – IAAF Rules and Regulations multiple languages
Athletics Rules – Track and Field Rules and Regulations 

Track and Field Rules Clinic

An Introduction to Race Walking

Paralympic Athletics Basic Rules

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