Weather Collection 

for Referees and Umpires

Bottom of the 6th Norman RockwellThis collection contains links with photos that are about the weather and how it affects referees and umpires in sports all around the world. I like scenic photography so whenever I come across rainstorms, snowstorms and beautiful sunsets in the Officials101 search feeds, I find them irresistible. When I started building the collections for the website, I knew I wanted to include the lightning strikes, hail stones and flash floods as well as the rainbows and sunshine. 
Referees and umpires often work in the great outdoors and they end up working in all kinds of crazy weather. You can find their pictures of all weather affected incidents right here. Sunrises and sunsets, storms coming and storms passing, even a few beaches and resorts. It isn’t all pretty pictures though. In this collection will also find lots of great practical information. You can learn how to stay warm, how to cool down, how to stay dry and how to avoid getting sunstroke. It was fun building this page so I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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Please enjoy our Weather Collection!

Weather Collection by @Officials101T

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