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Alf alien refereeThis TV and Movie Officials Collection for Referees and Umpires is full of smiles and laughs. It is not only a page about the actors who play the parts of officials we see on the television or on the ‘big screen’, but it is also a tribute to those referees and umpires who have played a part in our entertainment lives away from the sports arenas where we normally watch them in action.

I was just scrolling back through this collection to get a good feel for how best to describe this page to you. This is actually one of my very favourite collections of Mario tennis umpirethem all. It is different. Fun! I love browsing through these old TV shows and movies and seeing Alf the alien referee or Mario when he was a tennis umpire. There is even some TV ads just to keep it real.

Purely for entertainment is the only way to describe this page. If you are a trivia loving, movie buff, sports official, then this is probably the only webpage on the planet that is built just for you. 🙂 I love it and I hope you do too! Have fun!


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 Please enjoy our TV and Movie Officials Collection!

TV and Movie Officials Collection by @Officials101T

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