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Question mark man on topThis collection is packed full of sports facts and little tidbits of referee and umpire trivia answers to sports questions that will stump all your friends. I have been a collector of trivia and facts ever since my grandfather gave me a book of facts for a birthday gift when I was very young. Ahem. That was a while ago. Picking out interesting little comments about important moments in sports history made this collection one of my favourite ones to build.Penguin rulebook

The football referee who issued the 1st green card is from which country?

Which Hall of Fame MLB Umpire is known for wearing polka dot bow ties?

Who is the only football referee to appear on the box of a video game (so far)?

These are just a few of the  fascinating little trivia questions you will be able to answer when you have finished browsing through this collection. Whether you just like finding facts or are looking for some great questions for a friendly sports trivia game, I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I do.

Just for  fun, and because you visited this page, I will give you the answer to the question that I see most often in the 101 searches. The rest are up to you!

Other than a herd – What do you call a herd of zebras?

Answer – A Dazzle or a Zeal.

Have fun!

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