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Birthday Ideas for RefereesThis Collection is a great place to find and celebrate the birthday of the top sports officials all over the world. There are referees and umpires in all sports celebrating birthdays all year long.

Nothing is better than hearing “Happy Birthday” from the people who love you. Except maybe a birthday message from the people who love what you do – refereeing and umpiring! This collection offers a unique way to celebrate this momentous rite of passage.

Put a smile on the face of your favourite umpire or referee by marking the anniversary of their birth with a greeting in this collection. Mark the occasion of an illustrious member of officialdom’s birthday by making note of their story and accomplishments and maybe you can be part of inspiring a young referee or umpire. This is the place to commemorate the birthday of that special referee or umpire – your dad, auntie, brother or other family member. It is even the place to wish happy birthday to the guy who referees your kid’s games. Have fun!

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