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Love on a sports page? Who does that? Referees and umpires get the love too, and far more often than you might think. A collection for proud parents, kids, friends and communities who are all sharing their love for a sports official inLove page heart flags their lives.

The Love Collection is ideal for anyone who loves sports – players, officials and the people who love them. It is about the love of referring, the love of umpiring, and the love of the people who play and officiate every kind of sport in all parts of the world.

Love has no bounds when it comes to sports and that is apparent right here.

This page is filled with photos and articles demonstrating people’s love of sports and officiating. From major sports to lesser-known sports – officials are always needed so why not show your love?  

You asked for it, you got it!
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Cheer on your favourite umpire or referee. Commemorate a first-time event for a sports official in the family. Congratulate a loved one for a sports accomplishment. Celebrate the camaraderie of sport and its officials. This a great page to help encourage and support good Love shoessportsmanship and officiating. Memorialize multi-generational sports officials. Mark the moment you fell in love with sports officiating or even when you fell in love with a sports official.

The Love Collection is an entertaining look at the love of sports and sports officials. Check out the awesome links to a variety of resources in the wide world of sports. Remember to show your love by clicking on ‘like’ and ‘sharing’ your favourite posts.

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Please enjoy The Love Collection!

The Love Collection by @Officials101T 

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