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Frank Udvari NHL Hockey RefereeThe History of Sports Officials Collection contains links to contacts and organizations who have contributed a piece of referee or umpire history to the online record for the rest of us to explore. It is filled with fascinating facts and photos of officials in all sports.

If you are a history buff and a sports fan, then this is the page for you. Enjoy browsing through the Collection and exploring the links below. In the Collection there are some fascinating posts like The History of NFL Officials Jerseys, the 1966 World Cup, and a number of Retro Games in a variety of sports. We added some links below to help get you started exploring your own sports history interests. Have fun!

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NFL Officials Uniforms historyIf you know of any links that should be added to this collection, please just let us know. We would love to take a look at it. We can’t guarantee that we will post it, but we will definitely give it fair consideration.

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A list of NBA Referees from 1946 to current. This site includes photos too.

Sports History Today Website

Football Database Europe soccer

Sports Reference Home Page – Awesome site! – Basketball – Baseball – Football – Hockey – Olympics

Historic list of All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Referees back to 1887. (Scroll down a bit)

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