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Justin Fletcher baseballOnly the most awesome referee and umpire posts get placed in this collection. They may be posts about important people, big events and some funny little incidents, too. Every post in this collection has been marked as special and worthy of being in The Highlight Reel.

This page was built to collect some of the top posts from all of the different collections and put them into one area for easy viewing. It has been a fun page to build, marking such events as Bobby Orr’s famous 1970 Stanley Cup winning goal, the first video footage of a football match in 1898 and the 1st Electronic Baseball Umpire in 1950.

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Joey Crawford NBA Basketball RefereeMore recently, we have Nigel Owens receiving an honourary degree, Michelle Joubert becoming the first female winner of the FIH International Umpire of the Year Award in field hockey, and the heartwarming story of baseball umpire Justin Fletcher and dreams coming true through the love of friends.

If you are looking for fun and interesting, you can find drones, Budweiser ads and even a vintage NHL Referee jersey being sold for over $10,000. Fascinating stuff!

If you find a post in one of the collections that you think should be honoured with a place on this page, just contact us and let us know. We can’t guarantee we will agree, but we will give it an honest look.

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