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Referee and Umpire Firsts and Historic Moments!

Book of First image 1The Officials101 Book of First Collection is full of history making moments from referees and umpires who are the first to accomplish unique achievements in their sports. If you love your history, your notable moments in time, then this is a great page for you.

April 22, 1876 saw Billy McLean become the very first person in history to umpire a baseball game. 140 years later, on April 22, 2016 MLB announced that Ramon de Jesus would become the first person from the Dominican Republic to umpire a Major League Baseball Game. John Langenus was the referee in the first ever World Cup match in 1930 and Muhammad Ali was the Special Guest Referee in the first ever Wrestlemania event.

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Book of First image 2Sports history is made up of moments when another barrier has been broken. This newsfeed not only brings you sports history from the ages, but it also shows you the history that is being written right now. It is an exciting time in sports where women are breaking down barriers all over the world.

The first time things happen in sports is always a thrilling experience for everyone involved. The Book of First Collection acknowledges and celebrates those moments when sports officials are the first to achieve the extraordinary. There are hundreds of visual links for you to browse in this fascinating category. Enjoy!

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