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Fun Stuff

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This is where we keep all of the more light hearted collections. Collections like History, Trivia and Birthdays of Referees and Umpires. They will all make you smile and give you some insight into the real lives of those charged with officiating your favourite sports. There are 1000’s of links within these collections covering a wide variety of topics like Animals, Music and even the Weather. Sure, they were created mostly for entertainment purposes but please don’t discount the quality or quantity of wisdom and experience about sports officials that are contained on these pages. They are updated as often as possible so check back regularly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Animals Collection – Posts with Animals
Birthdays Collection – Referee and Umpire Birthdays
Book of First Collection – The First Time it Happened
Books and Magazines – By, for and about, Sports Officials
Celebrating Success – Basically a Party Page
Celebrities – Sports Officials and Celebrities 

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Collectibles – Posts with Referee and Umpire Sports Collectibles

Dreams Collection – Posts about Chasing the Dream!
Fashion and Style – Referees and Umpires Styling It!
History Collection – History of Sports Officials

Highlights Collection – The Officals101 Highlight Reel
Love Collection – What? All about family, friends and heroes.
Music Collection – Sports Officials can play and sing too. 
Music CollectionReferees and Umpires Who Dance


On This Day – On This Day in Sports History with Referees and Umpires

Quotes – A Collection of Referee and Umpire Quotes

Technology – All Technology
TechnologyRefCams and UmpCams
TechnologyVideos and VAR’s
Travel Collection – Referees and Umpires on the move
Trivia Collection – Sports Officials Trivia and Facts
TV and Movie Officials – Referees and Umpires On Screen
Weather Collection – Sports Officials and the Weather 

View the list of all of our collections here.

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