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Officials101 serves referees, umpires and sports fans in countries all around the world using all types of devices and servers. This special Menu List was created as a simple solution to all the varieties of changing technologies that are being used to access the site. Enjoy exploring the collections for your favourite sports with any device you choose!


HomeOur home page collection is filled with a fascinating variety of referee and umpire posts in all sports. A small sampling from each of the collections will get you up to date and in the know about the world of sports officiating.


The Blog – The Blog contains the weekly 3 Stars selections and assorted referee and umpire articles written by me or maybe someone else. This link will take you to the archives.


Contact – You can use this handy little contact form or you can email me directly at . I do try to check the messages at the social media pages, but this is the best place to get in touch.

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The sports are sorted in A – Z order under this menu.

AquaticsAquatics Officials Collection
Athletics Athletics Officials Collection
Baseball All Baseball Umpire Collection
Baseball MLB Major League Baseball Umpires
Baseball Softball Umpires
Basketball All Basketball Referee Collection
Basketball FIBA Basketball Referees
Basketball NBA Basketball Referees
Basketball NBA Referees and The Transparency Initiative
Beach SportsBeach Sports Officials Collection
Bowls and BowlingBowls and Bowling Officials Collection
Combat Sports All Combat Sports Officials Collection
Combat SportsBoxing Referee Collection
Combat SportsMartial Arts Collection
Combat SportsMuhammad Ali Collection
Combat Sports UFC Collection
Combat SportsWrestling Referee Collection
Cricket Cricket Umpire Collection
Curling Curling Umpire Collection
Emerging Sports Emerging Sports Officials Collection
Floorball Floorball Referees Collection
Football Australian AFL – Australian Football League
Football North AmericanAll Football Officials Collection
Football North American CFL – Canadian Football League
Football North American – NFL – National Football League
Football Soccer All Football Referees Collection
Football SoccerCONCACAF Referees Collection
Football SoccerEPL English Premier League Referees Collection
Football SoccerFIFA Referees Collection
Football SoccerFutsal
Football SoccerMLS
Football SoccerOfficials101 RefEdge Pro Trial
Football SoccerUEFA
Golf Golf Referees Collection
Handball Handball Referees Collection
Korfball Korfball Referees Collection
Hockey All Hockey Referees Collection
Hockey All FieldHockey Umpires Collection
Hockey AHL
Hockey IIHF
Hockey NHL
Hurling and GAAAll Hurling Referees and GAA Collection
International International Collection
Netball Netball Umpires Collection
Olympics Olympic Officials Collection
Olympics #RefsofRio – 101 Article
ParaSports ParaSports Officials Collection
Polo Polo Officials Collection
Pub SportsCue Sports Officials Collection
Pub Sports Darts Officals Collection
Quidditch Quidditch Referee Collection
Racing Racing Officials Collection
Racquets and PaddlesRacquets and Paddles Officials Collection
Roller DerbyRoller Derby Referees Collection
Rugby All Rugby Referees Collection
Rugby NRL Rugby
Rugby Alhambra Nievas 101 Article
Rugby 2016 Referee of the Year
School SportsCollege and University
School SportsHigh School Sports
School SportsNCAA
Volleyball Volleyball Referees Collection
Youth Youth Sports Officials and Kids 

Fun Stuff

These collections all share interesting and entertaining links for sports officials. We have created a number of unique and informative topics that allow you to relax and learn about life in the world of officiating. Real events in the real world through the eyes of referees, umpires and officiating crews everywhere. More than any others, these collections were created purely for your enjoyment.


Book of First
Books and Magazines

Celebrating Success


Fashion and Style

History of Sports Officials



On This Day


Technology – All Technology 
TV and Movies


Serious Stuff – Schools, Rules and Tools 

Okay, they are not really that serious, but they are educational, informative and very interesting. These collections have all been created to cater more to the business side of sports officiating. Learn the rules, get in shape, follow the movers and shakers, see what works and watch who get the awards and the rewards. This is where you can find out who is who and what is what for referees, umpires, their crews, and the people in charge of sports officiating at all levels and in all games.

7 Trends to Watch for Referees and Umpires


Awards and Recognition – Awards
Awards and RecognitionHalls of Fame
Awards and RecognitionHighlight Reel
Awards and Recognition3 Stars

Charitable Events and Organizations 
Conferences, Summits and Meetings
Equipment – All Equipment and Gear
EquipmentOfficials101 RefEdge Pro Trial 
Equipment – Whistles

Health and Fitness

How To – How to do Stuff
How ToHow to Recruit, Train and Retain Sports Officials
Rookies and Retirees 
Rules and Signals – All Rules and Signals
Rules and SignalsOfficials101 A – Z List of Sports Rules
Supporting Cast

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