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Officials101 Referee and Umpire Resources! 1000’s of links and 101 unique Referee and Umpire Newsfeeds in every major sport.

Welcome to our home newsfeed. This newsfeed holds a sample mix of postings, from all sports, that have been made to the newsfeeds throughout the website for the past 3 weeks

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 If you want to zero in on your favourite sport, you can do that, too! Use the search boxes above to find the Newsfeed that contains the postings for your favourite sport. Make sure you scroll down on each page to find important links to officiating in your sport and to find other pages that you might like.



We would love it if you would send us your favourite referee and umpire links to share in our newsfeeds! Come and join us. This page is for you and about you! Share your wisdom, share your joy and share the love you have for your game! It is free!

Alf alien refereeYes, we take advertisers, have affiliates, and we do some sponsored links. There is never a charge for sports officials or charities to share their news and favourite links. Just remember to keep it all on a positive note! We can never guarantee a post of your material, but we will certainly guarantee to take a fair look at it. If it fits our criteria (you can find that here), we would love to share your experiences with the other officials in your sport. 

Bring us your marketing ideas and product innovations – we would love to be a part of your dreams! Officials101 is a groundbreaking new website for all sports officials and we are always looking for ways to be unique, so don’t be shy, and contact us

Education image 1Throughout this website you will find contacts, training, news and a very unique look at the world of sports as seen through the eyes of its officials. A sports page that provides bright visual links to positive encouragement, education, and entertainment for referees and umpires in all sports. Learn about the biggest games and the biggest names at the biggest events in sports today. Learn everything you need to know about refereeing and umpiring from the pros to the grassroots warriors.

This page is updated instantly as new posts are made by Officials101. The subfeeds are updated as soon as possible for current and accurate information in the feed of your choice. Follow a steady stream of helpful links to rules, signals and other important topics related to officiating in all sports.



Combat image 1With 1000’s of links at your fingertips and easy dropdown boxes for quick searches, it is so easy to find anything you are looking for. 

Officials101 pages provide positive encouragement, education and entertainment for referees, umpires and judges in all sports. Find referee and umpire links to sports associations, leagues and very important people from all over the world. Get connected to the movers and shakers in the world of sports officiating.

Best of all, it is all FREE! No signups, no hassles. Just ENJOY!


There are many ways to get the most out of Officials101, but I hope the one you use the most is to just have fun. Relax and enjoy an easy time of following referee and umpire news. Sports officials are a very special breed of people and they are fascinating to watch as they try to keep our favourite sports teams under control.Golf Title image

Browse through all the categories and name your game. All of the major sports are found in the easy dropdown search boxes. If you can’t find your sport listed in one of the dropdown boxes at the top of the page, you could try looking on the Emerging Sports Page.

Check out some of the completely unique concept pages like the Love Page or the Animals Page. One page is dedicated to the popular 3 Stars feature that posts every Friday afternoon. Have fun! … and have a great day!


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