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Alf alien refereeOfficials101 Collections contain over 10,000 links to referee and umpire contacts, training, news and a unique look at the world of sports. A sports page that provides bright visual links to positive encouragement, education, and entertainment for referees and umpires in all sports. Learn about the biggest games and the biggest names at the biggest events in sports today. Learn everything you need to know about refereeing and umpiring from the elite professionals and the grassroots warriors.

We have amassed and sorted thousands of positive and educational links, videos and Social Media posts into Collections that give you real life connections to sports officials all over the world. Officials101 Collections provide positive encouragement, education and entertainment for referees, umpires and judges in all sports. Find referee and umpire links to sports associations, leagues and very important people from anywhere on the planet. Get connected to the movers and shakers in the world of sports officiating and learn what it takes to be in the Best Seat in the House.

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Officials101 A – Z List of Sports Rules
Links to all your sports rules are now on one page.

There are many ways to get the most out of Officials101, but I hope the one you use the most is to just have fun. Relax and enjoy an easy time of following referee and umpire news. Sports officials are a very special breed of people and they are fascinating to watch as they try to keep our favourite sports teams under control. Scroll down on pages with Collections to see what we have saved up for you!Golf Title image

Browse through the Name your Game Categories in the menu to find all your favourite sports listed in their alphabetical order. If you can’t find your game on this list, try looking in the Emerging Sports Collection. This is where we put all of our ‘Other Sports’ and it is filled with new games you have probably never heard of and old games that we just haven’t got to make a Collection for yet.

Rookie RefereeIn the Fun Stuff Section of the menu you can check out some of our completely Unique Collections like the Officials101 Love Collection and the Officials101 Animals Collection. Just have fun in this section. It is loaded with the weird, wacky and wonderful posts that make sports and games the lifelong passion of Referees and Umpires everywhere.

Under the Serious Stuff Categories are Referee and Umpire Resources and Collections loaded with the Rules, Schools and Tools that are critical to becoming an Elite Official in your favourite sports. Be sure to get a look at our collection dedicated to the popular 3 Stars feature that we post every Friday afternoon. It highlights the Top Referees and Umpires in the world today and is one of the many Collections that will help you be the best that you can be.

Each page is organized with the Collections at the bottom, so be sure to Scroll Down to Explore and Learn. We have included our Officials101 Home Collection below containing a mixed bag of random posts taken from the Collections throughout the rest of the site. It is filled with a variety of sports, topics and fascinating people. Have fun! … and have a great day!

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Please enjoy our Home Collection below and visit all the rest!

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